Sunday, May 11, 2008

Carnival Pride Food 101

Because I was a bit overwhelmed on my first cruise, I’m going to share a few tips about food on the Carnival Pride. Rule number one “you will never go hungry!” From the moment you step on board the culinary staff will tempt you with more great food than you ever thought possible. You can literally eat twenty four hours a day if you have the inclination. All food with the exception of David’s Supper Club is included in your fare. Coffee, tea and juices are also inclusive. If you drink alcohol or cokes you pay a reasonable charge.

There are numerous food venues and I would recommend that you explore and observe before you make your decision. I suffered a number of “food envy” situations in the first day or so. I would sit at our table and watch food come by and think I should have had that.

The Lido Deck is home to the more casual fare. For each meal there are buffets with choices that change daily. Made to order deli, burgers, dogs, steak sandwiches and fries seem to be ever present. A salad bar that offers a farmer’s market selection of vegetables and fruit was outstanding. Save room for dessert. The portions are prepared so one would not feel guilty having at least two. Lido is also home to twenty four hour pizza and soft serve ice cream.
Lido deck statue

On the second deck there is Normandie Restaurant, a sit down restaurant with lavish furnishings, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At dinner time we were assigned to table 210 with waiters Miguel and Boris, two of the most hard working and personable gentlemen I’ve ever met. They seemed to anticipate everything we needed before we did. My wife reminds me they were also great dancers as they performed in the evening’s entertainment. We ended up gravitating here for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast fare included my favorites: eggs benedict and bagel with cream cheese and lox. Some selections I tasted at dinner included fillet mignon, beef Wellington, lobster, shrimp, lamb chops, jerk pork chops, and prime rib. I’m a meaty kind of guy. These were just the entrees! I tended toward salads for the first course but there was shrimp cocktail, escargot, soups and more. For dessert I fell in love with the warm chocolate melting cake but succumbed to the cheese course on several nights. There are no limits so if you wish to have two entrees and two desserts so be it.
ceiling of Normandie
talented waiters
David’s supper club is the upscale venue on the upper deck and costs a little extra. We never ate there but did attend a wine tasting class held in the room. We were offered five tastes of wine and bites of beef fillet, salmon, and cheese, also some salt and lemon to show the effects on the taste of the wines. The debonair sommelier was fun and informative. The only problem with David’s is the windows that cast a pink glow on the room. It is wonderful for people’s complexions but wreaks havoc on photographs. Oh, life’s little troubles!
David's supper club
wine tasting at David's

There is also a coffee café with fancy desserts, a sushi bar on some nights and then if that is not enough you could have free 24 hour room service.

One of the most fun food experiences was the gallery tour offered as optional activity. The maitre d’ of the Normandie restaurant explained how the food service staff functioned and then led us on a tour of the meticulously clean stainless steel galley. Along the way were show plates and demonstrations of food carving.
Maitre d' tour

If all the choices confuse just remember rule number one!


Zoomie said...

Wow, so many choices and it all looks great! I'd gain 20 pounds in a week!

noble pig said...

I love cruising. I love to eat while cruising. I cruise to eat! I have done the booze cruise to Ensenada so many times it's not funny but I really enjoy the longer trips as well.

Nice site!