Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life's a Carnival

Have Fun!
The funky monkey

We are back home about a week now and suffering from a bout of CSWS (cruise ship withdrawal syndrome). Having never been on a cruise in my life I really did not know what to expect. The cruise director warned of the syndrome on the last day of the cruise but I didn’t believe it. Now at home I am wondering where my waiters are. Why was my room not cleaned? The daily list of activities has not shown up and there are no chocolates and towel animals on the pillows when I retire for the evening. Sadness and confusion are my companions. OK, it’s not that bad. Let me tell the skeptics amongst you (I was one of a couple of weeks ago), cruising is not only for newlyweds and the nearly dead. There are so many things to see, eat and do; anyone with a heartbeat and a sense of fun can get their party on.

There is much to blog about so I will try to break it down is digestible pieces. The front story starts last Christmas when the family is opening presents. Suddenly the wife and kids jump up, put on sombreros and play Mexican music. We’re going to Mexico! I normally don’t like surprises but what can you say on Christmas morning. It seems my wife has been squirreling away her bonus checks and booked the whole family on a Carnival Cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It lasts for seven days leaving Long Beach, Ca. on Sunday stopping in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. It returns to Long Beach the following Sunday.

When the plans are revealed my brother, a veteran of several cruises, books passage with his fiance. A friend of my oldest daughter comes aboard with her daughter to make a party of ten, just enough to fill a table at dinner time. The plan has come together.

On April the 20th we converge in Long Beach. I pop for a limo to the ship and we arrive like rocks stars at the port. After a bit of handling by the customs people we board. It is like another world. Our luggage has arrived like clockwork in our cabin and it’s time to eat. There is a buffet to greet us. I’m not talking the $7.99 Jello Salad Buffet; this is upscale food with loads of choices. Is this a good place for a diet? You bet it is! There are lean proteins and lots of vegetables. Is this a bad place for a diet? Yes sir, rich sauces and scrumptious desserts abound. This is my world now. I must hurry a bit because dinner is just three hours away. Let the eating begin!
Carnival Pride
Where are my towel animals now?
Our waiters. Can we adopt them and take them home?


Zoomie said...

Jealous. Jealous! Lovely surprise! I'm jealous!

cookiecrumb said...

I want animal towels!!!