Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's the picnic stupid !

"It's the economy, stupid" was a phase that Bill Clinton used in his campaign against George Bush senior. The phrase today is even more relevant. Prices are going crazy on just about everything. What pray tell could I do to enjoy my weekend roving lifestyle while not breaking the piggy bank. The obvious answer came to me, It's the picnic stupid! Why not enjoy a free walk in a beautiful location? We will pack from home or put together along the way a splendid picnic. Foot power is still free and window shopping is too. I've got the camera gear and a computer so we will document our journey and share the results.
The first picnic is along Embarcadero South from the Ferry Plaza to ATT park, home of the S.F. Giants. The Ferry Plaza offers unlimited ideas for a picnic. We kept it simple and picked up a "Renzo Special" sandwich from Mastrelli's Deli and off we went. We headed south toward the Bay Bridge.
No charge for the view
We pass two upscale culinary newcomers Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar.
In need of Java ? There are choices along the way
In the shadow of the Giant's ballpark there is South Beach Harbor , a beautiful location for our picnic.
I'm hungry now!


cookiecrumb said...

You are so addicted to San Francisco! Which is fine, if you want to spend the bridge toll... :D
My most recent picnic was based on a suggestion you probably don't even remember making. I invited a couple of friends to join us at the Marin French Cheese Company. That was really cute.
But not urban.

Rev. Biggles said...

I can see The City from here! But it's over 'there' and I'm lazy. Hungry too.


Zoomie said...

Next time you go, stop at Red's for breakfast - you'll get an _enormous_ breakfast for little money, the atomosphere is unbeatably funky and the chef/ordertaker is hilarious - gruff and crabby but with a heart of gold. On a sunny day, sit outside at the back and enjoy - it's rumored that Red's will soon be no more... :-(

Si Clare said...

FYi - Red's Java House serves cheap burgers and fries that, while not gourmet, are a serious cut above fast food. i've started going there before ball games (who wants to pay $12 for a nasty hot dog, anyway?). the patio out back is nice on sunny days. it's a real funky, low-brow, working-class joint. the fries are good too - i like them skinny!