Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recipe recreation

I did it and I would do it again, I stole a recipe. Stealing is such an ugly word. Let's just say I used the recipe as inspiration. Yes that sounds better. My recipe is not an exact copy but an interpretation of the original. A couple of posts ago I mentioned a orange and fennel salad we had enjoyed at Cafe Macaroni. I was in the supermarket and saw a fennel bulb and oranges nearby and felt compelled to try to put them together.
I sliced the fennel super thin on my nifty cheap mandolin. I peeled the oranges and sliced little wedges out leaving the membrane. I think the fancy term is supreme the oranges. I squeezed the juice from the remaining pulp and added it to olive oil, rice wine vinegar and salt and pepper for a simple vinaigrette. I marinated the fennel in the vinaigrette for about an hour so it softened and took on the flavor. Just before serving I tossed the orange segments in.


cookiecrumb said...

Nice going!
It's not stealing. Why do you think all the food bloggers write in such detail about what they do? They're saying, "Please, eat."

Zoomie said...

If I relied only on what I invented myself, I'd be thin! :-)

Sean said...

Cafe Macaroni is great, even if the name is designed to make you hate it. It's one of the few Italian restaurants in the city that I've seen serve goat and not try to be all fancypants about it. I mean, it's goat ferchrissakes.

Oh, and I steal, I mean draw inspiration from restaurants' recipes all the time.

Rev. Biggles said...

MMmMmm, oranges.


Harvey Yeldell said...

Of course, it's not stealing! Experimenting with other recipe by creating another recipe is still love for food, I must say. If you haven't tried orange curry chicken yet, try it. It's awesome for an afternoon picnic at the park.