Saturday, March 22, 2008

I did it again

It has only been three weeks since our last jaunt to San Francisco but the urge was back. I know that this blog banner says "on a shoestring budget" so some may not buy into all this weekend travel. To accommodate our weekend expenditures we watch our budget and try to be financially conservative. One of the easiest ways to cut expenses in a budget is on food. We brown bag lunch, brew our own coffee and cut back on convenience foods. That leaves a little for play now and again.
luxury ferry ride $4.45 per person
Harbor Court as seen from the Ferry Plaza had a number of hotels at budget prices and we ended up at the Harbor Court Hotel on the Embarcadero ($75 per night). It is a Kimpton Property and they tend to be upscale. The rooms are a tad bit on the petite side but the luxury amenities and friendly staff more than compensate for their size. As good luck had it, we arrived during the complimentary evening wine reception and enjoyed each drop.
The wine made us realize how hungry we were and we went in search of dinner. There are beautiful restaurants doors away. We checked out several and each was packed with stylish people enjoying Friday night libations and good company. It was pretty much standing room only. April spotted a sandwich board sign that pointed toward Rincon Center's Theo's Cheese Steaks. I was afraid that they were lunch only and was pleasantly surprised to find them open. I had the Mushroom cheese steak on an Amoroso roll shipped in from Philadelphia. April had sesame chicken with grilled onions and cheese on a bed of salad and rice. Both items were outstanding and came in under $20 including beer. We sat in the outside courtyard bordered by flowers and only a few people. The evening was exceptional.
Philly mushroom cheesesteak
Sesame chicken salad


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