Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hotel Vitale Americano

Last Saturday on our latest rampage to San Francisco my daughter decided to come by and visit and we talked her into brunch. The Ferry Plaza was absolutely insane so we checked nearby for alternatives. Within organic fruit throwing distance, we found Americano Restaurant inside the Hotel Vitale. We peeked inside the setting was beautiful and blissfully quiet compared to the Market Place. Prices, while not cheap, were more reasonable than most of the commercial hotels we've stayed in. The bill was $82 for three including tax and tip.In addition to the to pictured items below we had two glasses of wine and two sodas.The food was five star. A special mention to the spicy parmesan french fries; good heavens, they were good!
Hearst Ranch Angus cheeseburger
Cobb Salad
Artichoke soup

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Zoomie said...

Serious new lead! My Beloved and I were at the Ferry Plaza market on Saturday and, you're right, it was a zoo! The line to get into Boulette's Larder was 30 people long! Nice to know another nearby spot - thanks!