Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Dim Sum

It was the last day of our San Francisco visit. We both get up early for work and find it a difficult habit to break on the weekend. Chinatown was quiet and we had every intention of going elsewhere for breakfast. Then as we walked up Washington Street we spotted a wonderful sight, a window full of deep fried food. It looked like breakfast to me.
We entered and at first, we were the only patrons. I asked the sole waitress if we were too early and she said with a smile, "come in." A moment later a rag tag group of men appeared armed with brown paper bag full of Hennessey brandy which they surreptitiously used to fortify their tea cups. The waitress lugged platters of dim sum and we had problems saying no.
The cost $16.50
Grant Place Restaurant
737 Washington St.
San Francisco


cookiecrumb said...

You sure are finding the bargains. Good work.

Zoomie said...

Dim Sum Yum!