Sunday, June 24, 2007


I am not a doctor nor do I play one on T.V. In fact the following food blog will probably make most cardiologists cringe. When I am feeling a little worn down I make myself some comfort food. My list of comfort food is long as I find most food comfortable. Some favorites include mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and polenta. Polenta was a late night staple during my bartending days. My lovely wife would make a plate of steaming polenta with butter and Parmesan cheese and serve it to me when I arrived home. Just right to fill me up but still allow me to sleep. Food is love, love is food, take your pick.
I spent a year in Hartford, Connecticut. I worked at G.Fox & Co., a downtown department store. I had never lived in a place where winter was so cold. The employee entrance was located on street that seemed to act as a wind tunnel and amplify the cold. I struggled from my car to the door bundled in more clothes than I own now in California. On the corner was a restaurant and I would stop and buy a bacon and egg sandwich and coffee. At work I would secret myself in the little stockroom near my station and comfort myself with the warm food and drink.
This probably was the reason I love bacon and egg sandwiches so much today. Those Hartford sandwiches were made on a hamburger buns with a hard fried egg. My sandwich today has evolved a bit. I like my sandwich with apple wood smoked bacon, whole wheat toast that has been buttered of course. The egg is cooked in the hot bacon fat quickly so the egg is crispy on the outside but the yolk is still runny. I feel comfortable already.

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