Monday, May 28, 2007

A little inspiration

I am enjoying my Memorial Day. What makes it really special is that I have the day off. That hasn't been the case for a few years. In celebration I dccided to smoke some baby back ribs. What goes with ribs? Potato salad of course. I was inspired by the wasabi potato salad served at Delica RF1 located in the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Market Place. I don't know exactly what they put in theirs but I used similar ingredients and came up with a great result. I peeled and boiled some buttery potatoes that I sourced (love that word and just had to use it) at last weeks Marin Farmer's Market. They were from Zuckerman's Farm, I dig their taters! About a cup or so of Best Foods mayo, a tube of wasabi paste, endaname, chopped shallot and success. I should be more specific about quanities but it was a freelance recipe day. Good food, family and fun. Sometimes life really is a picnic.
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Happy Memorial Day

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