Sunday, July 01, 2007

Healdsburg Daytrip

After a serious bout with cabin fever,the wife and I decided to take a ride to Healdsburg.Each time I come here the town becomes more gentrified. What once was a charming country town has become more like Beverly Hills. A couple of nights at one of the new upscale hotels here will set you back a large mortgage payment.Don't despair, they still haven't started charging admission. There is still charm at a reasonable price if you keep your eyes open.

On Fathers' Day I was the lucky recipient of a new digital camera. This bad boy has all the knobs and gizmo's one could want.At this point I'm still in the auto mode but am learning fast. Our trip to Healdsburg gave me ample photo opportunity.

The first bit of advice I would offer about Healdsburg is to arrive early. Parking is a cinch at 8:30 in the morning but becomes a bear after noon. On Saturdays at 9:00 am there is a lovely Farmers' market just off the main drag.The market still has that old time charm. After the market we cruised the town square. There are several cafes that offer coffee and treats, mixed in between the pricey boutiques.Safeway across from the farmers' market has bakery items at a more modest price.Whichever you choose, get it to go and take up residence on a bench on the town square.This is people watching paradise. Enjoy the beautiful people,listen in on their converstions - all this at no charge.We even had a celebrity sighting when a local newscaster dashed to his SUV holding tight to his morning coffee.

At 10:30 we were off to wineries. There are so many wineries! We chose our two standards. Our first stop was Ferrari Carrano. This winery would represent the more upscale style of winery. The magnificent formal gardens are open to the public for free. The tasting room is located in a Italian style villa.Very chi chi, oh, and the wines are good too.

Our final stop was Preston Vineyards. This is our favorite. Organic wines, bread, olive oil, olives and cheese are available in the tasting room. This winery feels comfortable to me, with its laid back country atmosphere. There are picnic grounds adjacent to the organic garden. Onions and garlic drying in the sun, lazy sleeping cats here and about, lots of butterflies; yes, this is my kind of place.


cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, lazy sleeping cat with one eye open! Back off, man with new camera!
Your slide show is great.

Anna Haight said...

Beautiful photos Greg! And you are so right about Healdsburg!

Rev. Biggles said...

Hey man,

Love the Healdsburg, would return in a heartbeat. Used to have some friends that had 300+ acres up those mountains on the right. Parents sold and moved, feh.

I got me a new rig as well. The old one started futzing out, so that's is DONE with. I'll get it repaired and sell the sucker, like soon an junk.