Sunday, April 23, 2006

Emeryville Public Market

We were hanging out in the East Bay yesterday, visiting my starving artist kids. It was time for lunch and old cheapo Dad was paying. I'm normally not of fan of malls or their food courts. The Emeryville Public Market is a rare exception. A large open area with lots of food stalls representing many ethnic flavors. No chain restaurants here, so if you need a Sbarro or Mickey D's this is not the place. It reminds me a little of the LA Farmers Market, or maybe like a bazaar with individual owners preparing street food from their country. Throw in a little neon and you get the picture.

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Don't expect fancy because it isn't. If you bring a group every one gets to choose the food of their taste. There are lots of tables, but we decided to run over to the kids' loft nearby. Most of the combination plates cost about $7. My daughter advises you get bigger portions if you order "to go". Lots of good food with enough leftovers for dinner, you gotta love that deal.

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Thai food - curry beef , pad thai chicken and shrimp with green beans

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Afghan Barbecue chicken, curry chicken, rice, salad,naan and a free soda

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Bento lunch box - miso soup, teriyaki chicken, California Roll, rice and noodles

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Anonymous said...

I love markets! And it looks like you procured some awfully good food for yourself. Wish I could have some ...