Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dolce Citrus Martini

While channel surfing the other day I came across The Cocktail Kings. The premise for this TV show is that two handsome gentlemen, with way cool English Accents, travel the world and make original cocktails representing the city they visit. Their names are Dimitri and Colin. Kind of an Iron Barman competition exists between the two, with bar patrons judging who makes the best drink. How do I get a gig like this? This is jealousy rearing its ugly head. Yeah, I know I fit a different demographic but I have over ten years of barman/bartending experience and a really cute American Accent. Oh well, I’ll just hang my head in silence.

Wait a minute! If I can’t have my own show I’ll compete on my level. Call me the blogmeister! After my visits to the local farmers market I’m inspired to create my own special cocktail, using (mostly) local ingredients. I’ve scoured the San Francisco Bay Area sourcing the very best for you, my beautiful bar patrons. A name, we must have a name. We shall call it The Dolce Citrus Martini and it is marvelous darling.
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sweet citrus

Dolce Citrus Martini
1 ½ oz Hanger One Kaffir Lime Vodka
1/2 oz orange liqueur (triple sec, Grand Marnier,etc.)
Juice of half Caracara Orange
Juice of half Meyer Lemon
Juice of half lime

Place in cocktail shaker with a copious amount of ice cubes
Shake vigorously
Taste and adjust for desired sweetness.( bartender perk)
Pour into sugar rimmed martini glass (rub rim of glass with lime and dip into sugar)
garnish with orange slice
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As always you should drink responsibly!

Check out the Cocktail Kings website and take the quiz. Cheers Mates.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Greg!

The photo of that citrus is beautiful! Our citrus produce isn't nearly as lovely here in Toronto ... you're very lucky.

I'd never heard of that program before. Nice work if you can get it!

cookiecrumb said...

Back me up, barkeep! Looks divine.

Mona said...

Drink responsibly, ha! Not possible when martinis are involved. I love this concoction. I wish you had made it a contest to come up with a name for it...i would have gotten my clever thinking hat on...