Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung
the flowers has ris
I wonder where the asparagus is?

Please excuse my grammar. After suffering through a hard winter of rain and cold we Northern California folks are enjoying warm weather. I know that we are really spoiled here. The last place I lived before California was Connecticut and our winter would be considered spring there. On a recent trip to the farmers' market I spied the new crop of asparagus standing there like little soldiers at attention calling out to me. They said buy me, eat me. Well I sure will.

I traditionally grill or oven roast my asparagus. A little olive oil and salt and pepper close the deal. This time I was inspired by an article in The New York Times, written by Mark Bittman and photographed by Ruby Washington. The restaurant in question was Momofuku. I would provide a link here for the article but it has already expired. The NY Times charges for articles older than a week. If you want to see it Google Momofuku on the their website and pay the money. Mr Bittman seems like the kind of guy I would want to hang out with. I extend the invitation, Mark if your in the Bay Area email me, we'll do lunch. Let's give credit where credit is due.

New York Times Food Section- number one
Mark Bittman- stellar reporter
Ruby Washington-magnificent photos
Momofuku- cool name

I suppose now would be a good time for a recipe. The important part of this is the sauce. I did, in fact, oven roast the asparagus and created the sauce in a saute pan. I used four tablespoons each of butter and white miso. The original recipe called for a teaspoon of white wine vinegar but I substituted rice wine vinegar and Meyer lemon for the acid addition. Stir it all together over medium heat . You get a sauce reminiscent of Bearnaise.
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Spring on a plate


Anonymous said...

Well done, Greg!

I also like to roast or grill asparagus. It's quick and simple and is the best way to bring out the flavour of asparagus.

While spring came to Toronto a bit earlier than usual this year, we're still a bit behind you lucky folk in Northern California. Enjoy your asparagus!

Guy said...

HOOYAH brother man. Extra virgin (just a tad), squeeze of half a lemon and pepper. GRILLLL.

Mona said...

did you write that little ditty by yourself at the top of this post? impressive.
i love asparagus, almost as much as i love martinis:)
i've never tried this kind, i think i'll be able to dig up the old dining section somewhere at work.