Saturday, April 15, 2006

You say Kebob I say Kebab

I finally got around to trying Food Network Chef Duran's recipe for Loole Kebabs. First I did a little research. Thank you Google for asking me "did you mean". Seems like a number of versions of this recipe exist depending on how you spell it. Lule or Loole/ Kebob or Kebab each offer a little different twist. Some used lamb and others beef or a combo of both. I stayed with the beef because I had some in the fridge. Feel free to experiment.

The recipe is easy to put together until you get to forming the meat around the pre soaked chop sticks. Nothing like having your hands in a meaty mash for fifteen minutes. Controlling the tube shaped kebabs on the grill was a bit of a challenge as well. The end result is worth the effort. Everyone loved the spice blend. They jumped off the plate like hotcakes. Using the seasoned meat in hamburgers or meatloaf would be a good plan as well.
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Off the grill into pita bread was very good. My son decided to enhance the pita with some peanut sauce - most excellent!


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg!

I am a carnivore head to toe and I think the kebobs/kebabs (???) look great. The blend sounds delicious and I love the idea of serving them on pita with peanut sauce!

By the way ... nice serving plate!

cookiecrumb said...

First of all: Ha ha ha! Very good read.
Second: Sounds delish. Mm.
Third: Nice serving plate!

Mona said...

Wow, that looks awesome, now what is loole. Guess I'll be googling it to find out. And yes, I love the "did you mean" added bonus to google searching;)