Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tough Guy Chef

Les Halles Cookbook
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I know I’m a Johnny come lately on this one. Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook has been out for some time now. The promotion phase is long gone. Frankly, I’ve been a little hesitant to read it. Why you ask? Cause I have this image of Bourdain I conjured from reading Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour. You know the cocky New York tough guy “Flaco” who charges around the world with his irreverent attitude and self deprecating humor. The descriptors are numerous. A man’s man, a chef’s chef, skull and dagger, pirate, ne’r do well, miscreant. I live vicariously through your travels. Now you’re writing a cookbook? Come on Tony say it isn’t so. You’re bustin’ my balls man!

It must be fate. I’m cruising the library isles and there’s Chef Bourdain all dressed in kitchen whites staring out at me. I don’t have to pay for the book so if it sucks big time no harm, no foul.

He shoots, he scores! This is more than a cookbook. Tony’s all here, badder than ever. He’s the same irreverent, expletive not deleted guy. I’ll recommend that some of you budding chefs read this book before spending a lot of hard earned dough on culinary school. This book is like a mini culinary class. The basics are covered, mis en place, stock making and knives. The recipes are broken down into manageable tasks and are easy to follow. The photos by Robert Di Scalfani are incredible. Don’t read this book if you don’t have quick access to food. It will make you hungry. Tony your da man! Heck, I’m even gonna buy the book.


Mona said...

That's great news. I'm glad you've converted. He 's a character and I love watching his shows and loved his book KC.
Happy Thanksgiving Greg!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Guy said...

I bought the book, costly thing. I don't regret it, darned good read. Even if I haven't cooked anything from it, yet.