Sunday, November 27, 2005

Virtual Co-op Cooking

Some time ago I read an article in the Sonoma Independent about Co-op cooking. I was fascinated by the idea and ordered the the book Homemade To Go co-authored by Dee Sarton Bower and Mary Eileen Wells. It's a homey book that includes a start up guide and some bascic recipes for a group.The basic premise is you find four like minded families and each cooks a meal to feed all families once a week. That gives you three days a week you don't have to cook. With busy schedules for my wife and I that sounded great. A small investment in storage containers is about the only cost involved.I struggled with the co-op plan for a while and decided it would not be practical in my neigborhood and shelved the idea.

This week while rooting through my cookbook collection I came accross the book again and decided if I couldn't do the real thing, why not do it the virtual way. A quick look at the right side of my blog and the light bulb inside my head went on. Let's pretend that all you food bloggers are in my food co-op and I will decide what you will make for dinner tonight.
Sam at Beck's and Posh Autumnal Risotto
Dr. Biggles at Meathenge Tomatillo Chile with pork
Amy at Cooking with Amy Gremolata Chicken
Cookie crumb at I'm mad and I eat Roasted Califlower Soup
Jennifer at Novato Experiment Paella
Tana at Small Farms Pumpkin Soup with goat cheese
Brett at In Praise of Sardines Lamb with Romesco Sauce
Monkey Gland at Jam Faced Carbonara
Good Eats all!!
If I left anyone out check in and I'll add you to the Co-op.


cookiecrumb said...

Greg, this is adorable. (Aren't you going to contribute anything?)
Sounds like a huge feast.
(If this comment comes in twice, it's because your comment machine has been glitchy lately. Feel free to delete repeats.)

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb I'll take Friday dinner. Portable bar and antipasto.

cookiecrumb said...

That'll do!

Mona said...

That is great-I love it!! What a fun idea :) I'll throw in a nice big bottle of sangivoese, sticking with my Italian theme.

Joe said...

Cool Idea Great!