Saturday, November 19, 2005

Berkeley Green

I know UCB's colors are blue and gold and today is the big game. However, my time at Berkeley today was more on the green side. My daughter is a senior majoring in conservation resources. We got to tour her plot at the college garden. She grows bok choy, mustard greens, carrots, broccoli, arugula and kale. Lots of green leafy things in a compact little plot. It seems incredible that all this good veg will grow in an urban area. Even in her apartment she has some serious greens growing on the window sill.
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all organic garden plot
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garden on the sill

We also checked out the farmers market. It was busy as all get out and I was disappointed to find that the Fatted Calf stand had sold much of it's meaty goodies. Ok Dr. Biggles next time I'll reserve.

All this touring and shopping had worked up our appetites and we followed a recommendation for pizza at Arinell's around the corner on Shattuck. My first impression was not good. An industrial look and very little seating were a minus in my book. We had luck on our side and managed to hook a table. The sour look on the order takers face didn't do much to change my impression. This is New York style pizza so maybe the look is part of the ambiance. We order a large pepperoni $20 and hoped for the best. As we waited the crowds grew and we watched some very good looking slices go by in the hands of young hipsters. My name was called and the pizza arrived. It was huge with a thin but crispy crust. Just the right amount of toppings enabled you to fold the slice in half like they do in New York. I have to say this is best pizza I've tasted in a long time. Forget the atmosphere it's about the food stupid!
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killer pizza!!
Big Game Final Score Cal 27 Stan 3 Go Bears


cookiecrumb said...

Oh damn. Stanford here. Meh.
Well, I was never a rah-rah type.
Hey, is the pizza as big as it looks? Have you read Brett's screed on Pizzaiolo (In Praise of Sardines)?
Thanks for the sendoff to SoCal, Greg. I'll be able to fit in a couple of posts next week if I can kick my dad off his beloved computer. And if not, they've got a bank of puters in the old-folks' community room.

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb I saw IPS's blog. Maybe that's what made me crave pizza so bad. Yes it was a big one. I fed 6 with no problem.Sadly no leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, I was in Berkeley yesterday, too. I took Logan to the farmers market!

: D

I'm hoping my daughter goes to UCB next year. She's applying to a few UC schools, and to Stanford. I'm rooting for "close to home" instead of "far away." In that regard, I'm blessed, because she flatly refuses to go outside of California. She told her grandmother in Texas, "I like my liberal values, thank you very much."

Guy said...

Eh? I thought the big big game was last weekend? So, that's why all the traffic, it was HELL. We dove off in Albany and took it through the back streets, EASY.
What time did you arrive? Z and I showed up at 9:45 and did fine. Even got some fancy duck sausage! In fact, ate the porchetta roast last night for din din. Pork makes GREAT gravy. Sorry you missed out hey, hope you do better next time.


Greg said...

Tana - UCB has been great for my daughter,Stanford has such a great reputation too.

Dr.B - porchetta is what I wanted darn it. We arrived about 1215,early bird gets the worm.

Anonymous said...
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