Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where's the Beef?

Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop and Restaurant

Rancher Dave Evans has expanded his empire. A regular at several local farmers markets, Sun Farms now has a new venue just south of the town of Point Reyes. The old Chez Madalene site has been painted and scrubbed and sparkles inside and out. The bright colors and signage outside has a European feel to it. The interior houses a dining room with comfortable looking wood tables. To the back there is a butcher counter and market area selling their organic grass fed beef. A proponent of eating locally Sun Farms will use nearby purveyors to supply the restaurant and market.

We arrived on the first day and the first hour of opening day. Even though Mr. Evans probably had been frantic for many weeks trying to open the place, he was a gracious and affable host. The products we selected to take home were the New York Steak and the linguisa sausage. Cooler waiting we headed back to the old homestead.

To add a sporting touch to the day’s festivities we also grilled a grain fed New York Steak we had purchased at Costco. A taste test was in order. Off to the barbecue.

The linguisa was a star; it contained coarse ground beef with a little touch of pork and an outstanding seasoning with a kick. Mr. Evans had instructed us to grill the steak a little slower than grain fed beef and not to cook it to more than rare for the best result. I’ve been eating grain finished beef for so long there was noticeable difference in product. The grass fed beef had a sweet, herbaceous taste. To me likeable, but different than what I am used to. The younger palates in the family agreed the grass fed beef won, hands down.

Check the place out. Here’s to our local, sustainable agriculture. Enjoy!
10905 Highway One
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