Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mas Queso

In many trips to Point Reyes Station we have visited the building that houses Tamales Bay Foods. We normally pick up some wonderful sandwiches from the deli counter. Ham with greens and Dijon on Brickmaiden rolls is our favorite. The deli is now called Indian Peach Cooking and Catering. I think this may be a name change but my research proved inconclusive. The building also houses Little Shorties Golden Point Produce and Cowgirl Creamery Artisan Cheeses.

Cowgirl Creamery has branched out to the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco. Each time I visit either venue the crowds buying cheese have discouraged me trying the product. This time, luckily, there was no crowd. Cheese monger Michael Zilber was manning the counter and was anxious to help us try the locally made organic cheese. We chose a little bag marked Picnic to Go. It contained three generous half rounds Mt. Tam, St. Pat and Red Hawk house-made cheese, house crackers and a cheese cutter. Perfect for a Life’s a Picnic experience.

Now you ask. Was it good, and what was your favorite? Well to be truthful, they were all wonderful. Each had its’ own personality. The Mt. Tam soft and creamy. The nettle wrapped St. Pat tasted like a light, soft Montery Jack. The Red Hawk had that aged tang, my favorite of the bunch.

The Picnic to Go is more than enough for two and would maybe feed four. Enjoy!
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Jennifer Maiser said...

Red Hawk is definitely my favorite too -- though I seem to keep retasting them all *just to be sure*.