Monday, July 11, 2005

Job Envy

Bay café / Joey Altman

Hello my name is Greg and I have job envy. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Yes I would like your job Joey. That taken care of, on with the blog.

It’s Sunday at 8:30 pm. I’m in the afterglow of an amazing roasted chicken dinner. The television comes on and it’s time for Bay Café. I’ve always enjoyed watching this show. Joey Altman is more than just a pretty face, talking head. He has the restaurant chops, a been there / done that kind of guy. His real skill is being able to break down recipes to a form that most civilians understand. It’s fun to watch him try to coach a talented, but not very glib new chef, into to talking on the television. You know inside he just wants to shake the guy. Come on chef… look into the camera.

Sunday’s show was done in the style of “a day in the life” of Delfina Restaurant. I wish I had the sense to record this one. I’m sure it will repeat sometime. In the words of Randy of American Idol fame,” Dog, that was off the chain!!” The camera work, production and timing all came together to portray the life of a restaurant. Hard work and low pay but still a sense of accomplishment. They say do what you love, words to live by.

Bay Café a local show on Kron4.
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Lucy the Boston Terror loves Bay Cafe too


drbiggles said...

Hey man,

Joey is done with the restaurant scene for a while (at least for his own situation), he's got a new wife and baby to look after. He's doing local gigs and I have to say the man is awesome. What I don't know is if his band is doing any gigs. I'd go see.


The Bay Cafe #1 Fan,


Jeenie said...

Now Lucy is famous! Kind of like a cuter Muttley...

Amy Sherman said...

Yup. I want his job too! Only I think he does it pretty well so I doubt he'll make room for me. I met him once, he was sitting next to me in a restaurant and was very gracious when I gushed how much I loved his show.

I'm bummed I missed that episode I tuned in about 5 minutes before it ended!

chilebrown said...

I saw Joey at the Cornfest in Brentwood. He had some adverse conditions. His Humor and personality sailed across these problems and showed what a profesional that he is!