Sunday, July 10, 2005

Celebrity amongst us

Point Reyes Farmers Market / Toby’s Feed Barn

The fog was clearing when we arrived in Point Reyes Station. Our destination was Toby’s Feed Barn ( 15479 State Route 1) that hosts the Saturday morning farmers market (open 9am to 1pm June to October). We needed to fortify ourselves for the adventure so we stopped at Bovine Bakery (11315 Highway 1).

The Bovine Bakery is one of the top pastry makers in Marin. The wife and I always get the same thing. She has the bear claw and I the pain au chocolat. Some strong house coffee and you’re ready for anything.
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So many choices
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A real handfull

The market attracts locals when it first opens. It seems like everybody knows or is related to everybody else. I admire the community spirit and friendliness that envelops the town. Later in the day the crowd changes to a more tourist oriented crowd that heads for the local recreational areas.

Toby’s is already a sort of farmers market other days. It carries a selection of local food products including Brickmaiden Bread and Strauss Family dairy items. An array of garden and farm supplies, pet food, souvenirs and just plain fun stuff compete for your attention. On market day local purveyors back their trucks up to the front door and set up a colorful display.
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who stole the roadsign?
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the original Toby peeks out from better the plants

We chose some red lettuce and yellow beets destined for tonight’s dinner. The little tastes set out by Point Reyes Preserves call us over. We select some pickled mushrooms and spicy pickled green beans. Loads of vegetables, and fruits are available. Food stands from Indian Peach and Sun Farms, as well as a musical group, are setting up shop.
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Marin Preserves

We’re off to other food adventures. While walking through town I notice several women swoon when a handsome black gentleman is introduced to them as John Francis. “Oh I’ve heard so much about you” one women gasps. Who is this mystery man? It is Dr. John Francis environmentalist, author, and apparent local celebrity. His story is amazing. Life’s little encounters happen, enjoy the journey!


drbiggles said...

Huh, you liked the coffee? The Pain Choco is awesome, just wasn't impressed with the cwoffee. My Mum had a place over in Inverness, it was nice having that area as a stomping ground. But that was many moons ago, back when I had a 1973 dark blue dodge van with no windows. Hoo yah.


cookiecrumb said...

Marin Sun Farms' eggs are awesome, as you probably know. Dave told me a lot of his hens lay double-yolked eggs, which are too big to fit in egg cartons. So he sells them to Bovine Bakery! Brilliant.
Agree with you about Red Hawk, BTW -- their best one. Also agree with you about the herbaceous taste of MSF's beef. Almost spicy!
I've decided to eat local for the month of August (read more at Life Begins at 30, but you have already, haven't you?) and I think I'll be getting most of my food at Toby's parking lot on Saturdays.