Sunday, May 08, 2005

Salute to Weber Nation

While partaking in one of my addictions (watching food shows), I saw what appeared to be a home video of someone using their barbeque. Turns out two guys decided to tour the country with a couple of hand held video cams and interview Weber Grill owners. They are traveling first class in a bling bling Airstream Trailer pulled by a big old SUV. The romantic in me hopes that they thought this idea up by themselves. Although the skeptic in me thinks some marketing department financed the expensive equipment and made it appear like a couple of good old boys decided to go on a road trip. If this same marketing department would like to sponsor me traveling around the U.S. preparing barbecue picnics, please contact me at my gmail address.

I gotta give Weber credit. I'm a long time happy owner. My workhorse 22 inch kettle makes some mighty fine ribs, tri-tips, and beer can chicken. Would love a new one, but the frugal in me says if it ain't broke don't fix it. Go check out the website. I really like that portable WeberQ would fit nicely in the picnic mobile.

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