Sunday, April 10, 2005

Puff Addiction

It’s funny how the most spontaneous action can change your life. After reading an article on Sfgate about Berkeley’s gourmet ghetto. I decided to try Gregoire Restaurant (2109 Cedar). The article mentioned how the owner Gregoire Jacquet once worked at the Ritz Carlton. I too worked at the Ritz (as a barman) and there was a chef there at the time named Gregoire. Could it be one and the same? Sure enough it was. I recognized him and he I. And that’s how it happened. I became addicted to Gregoire's potato puffs. Now it’s hard to feed my addiction because I live in Marin and don’t get to Berkeley often enough. I ask family and friends “ go to Berkeley bring back Puffs-Please!” I’ll buy if you fly. They’re rich mashed potatoes fortified with creamy, yummy stuff then battered and fried. I think, anyhow, cause that’s what they taste like. The puffs come with a dipping sauce, which is good too, but I tend to mainline them au natural.

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Puffs Please!

If you going to Gregoire's keep your eyes open. It’s a little hole in the wall place on the east side of Shattuck with a blue awning, just around the corner from Chez Panisse. Mostly takeout with a couple of picnic tables out front and stools inside. The lunch and dinner menus change monthly and are updated on the website.

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Here it is

On a recent visit in addition to the potato puffs we tried the soup of day (cauliflower), the Cajun spiced sautéed cod sandwich, hearts of romaine salad and the grilled chicken with lemon and Dijon celery root salad served on pantofolina roll. This is fancy, sit down, lots of stars and diamonds restaurant food at great price. Just my style, champagne taste on a beer budget

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Anonymous said...

Those puffs are really filling too! Beware though...when you take home leftovers they call your name from the fridge.