Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Support Runaway Weekday

Before being charged with blog neglect and have to pay blog support, I best get back in the game! We made it a point to stay out of the crowds at Superbowl. Loads of people and high prices is not my idea of a good time. Avril had a job interview in the city Tuesday after the Superbowl. Rather than drive to the city or getting up before dawn to bus it, we decided to grab a room the night before. Hotwire produced a four and half star room at the Omni Hotel for a great price. The day before it would have been four times the price. We took the Larkspur ferry to San Francisco, after driving around for half an hour looking for a parking space in their lot. I hope the SMART Train connection happens in my lifetime! In the city Superbowl was still evident. They had begun to dismantle the structures that had closed the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street but the huge building signs remained.
Superbowl Signs

I has been a while for me being in the financial district and I was amazed that everyone walked eyes buried in their cell phones! We checked into the Omni. It is a beautiful place and remarkably quiet even though it is in the middle of traffic anarchy.
Omni Hotel San Francico

Omni Hotel San Francisco
It was cocktail time and we decided to try the bar at Bob's Steak and Chophouse, located adjacent to the lobby. Avril had a cosmo and I, some savignon blanc. The drinks were $17 each!! Admittedly they were huge and came with a sweet, hot and addictive bar mix.  The people watching was fantastic. This is a place to see and be seen! Dress nice.
Bob's Bar at the Omni Hotel San Francisco
The next morning  I walked next door to Starbucks and grabbed coffee to fuel Avril for her meeting. It went well and she is hoping for a positive result. Still loving San Francisco!


Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

I can remember complaining about having to pay 3.00 for a beer at a basketball game. Seventeen dollars make me happy that my imbibing days are over. Glad your back.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I was really surprised at the price!I was a bartender up the street back in the nineties and people used to freak at $7.50 a pop!

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