Thursday, August 20, 2015

Power Breakfast !

We are in San Francisco to begin our latest journey. It is breakfast and we decide on our favorite spot Americano, inside Hotel Vitale. On entering I notice a large covey of suited business men. It appears Americano is THE spot for San Francisco politicos to meet and greet in the morning. Faces included former mayor Willie Brown and journalist Phil Matier. These guys know good food!!
Power breakfast Americano - Hotel Vitale San Francisco
We felt a little out of place casually dressed and Avril was mad I told her not to put on makeup. I think it was George Gobel who said, "Did you ever get the feeling the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"


Chilebrown said...

Willie Brown may have been a bad politician but he was a snazzy dresser. Your experience reminds me when we all wore dinner jackets at a steak house in the city that had a so called dress code and they sat some tourists in tank tops right next to us.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Willie still is a dapper guy! Dress codes are mostly a relic of the past me thinks. I still like to dress up a bit.