Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffee Talking

The coffee kicked in and cleared my head this morning. As I cruised social media I realized i'm not the only coffee head around. If I had a dollar for every cup of coffee pictured on social media I would be a very wealthy man. I cruised through my photos over the year and made a collage of my caffeinated indulgences.
Coffee Talking
My home brew method is a little less photogenic. I hand grind the beans and use a Harrio pour over.
Coffee is a very profitable product. At home you provide the labor and save over eighty percent of the cost of a cup. I must admit it is fun to hang out and watch the coffee crowd.
Harrio Pour Over


Chilebrown said...

Can you believe Starbucks went up in price again? When will people say enough? I have been known do do a pour over at home. I have had many vices in my life and coffee is one of the last ones. Great stuff

Greg said...

Chilebrown- One a day for me. When I do go to SB I get crazy with the pushy peoples. Double non fat half decafe shaken not stirred. Blah Blah!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am a regular at a small independent coffee shop in Richmond called Catahoula's. They roast their own beans and are involved in the local community. Unfortunately when Starbucks raises their prices so does everybody else. The one thing about SB is they are everywhere. When you are traveling it is nice to see a familiar place. Ms. Goofy likes them because the bathrooms are accessible and clean.