Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise - Cabo San Lucas

The first port on our ten day San Francisco - Mexico cruise is Cabo San Lucas. Dare I say this is the most beautiful? A photo opportunity to the tenth power! From the tender ride to the last Margarita, a beautiful visit!
Cabo Tender Star Princess Mexico

The View Star Princess Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Princess Cruise Mexico

Pelicans Cabo San Lucas 

Marina Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Palm Trees Marina Cabo San Lucas

Boats Cabo San Lucas Mexico  

Margarita Solomon's Landing Cabo

Cheap Therapy Solomon's Landing Cabo
Parasailing Cabo San Lucas from The Star Princess

Jet Ski From The Star Princess Cabo 

Star Princess Cabo San Lucas Mexico


Chilebrown said...

Is that April in the parachute?. I think I am going to shop for some plaid shorts for my cruise because these shots are inspiring.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Funny you should say that. April has aspired to do the para-sail..I said I would take pictures from the boat.Plaid shorts are always welcome!

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