Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Princess Cruise Mexico - Loreto

Loreto is our port of call. The last time here this was a sleepy little spot. This trip there is a motorcycle event in town and the activity level is high. One of our favorite T.V. chefs is Chuck Hughes from Canada. On his show (Chuck's week off,) he visited Loreto with a stop at El Rey Del Taco (taco king.) As we wandered the streets and plazas we asked directions. We knew we were close but the narrow streets and alleys seem different than they show on a map. We finally found it and wandered in. What a crowd! The couple that own the place work at a crazy pace to keep up with the orders. The orders are all verbal and the cash register is a five gallon bucket on the counter. The menu is limited but the buffet of salsas and toppings make for lots of choices. We ordered the fish tacos on flour tortillas. The fresh local fish is battered and quickly fried tempura style . What a sensation! I want  to move next door and eat here all the time. 

Star Princess Loreto Mexico

Star Princess Tender to Loreto Mexico

Beach Loreto Mexico

Star Princess from Loreto Mexico

Courtyard Loreto Mexico

Hawaiian Dancing Loreto Mexico

Art Loreto Mexico

Lady of Loreto Mexico

Fish Taco El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

Cabeza Taco El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

Star Princess Loreto Mexico


Chilebrown said...

I bet those tacos were fantastic. Sometimes I will remember a fantastic food dish more than the trip.

Greg said...

The best! I was amazed how much food they prepared on what I would call minimal-rustic equipment.