Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Wrap It Up

I don't know why but when I end a series of blog posts from a trip, the last one is always tough. I  guess I hope that the vacation feeling will never go away. We are planning new adventures and need to bring this one to a close. We end it all with a shopping and downtown sightseeing tour. Last time we visited Victoria  we were on the return leg of our first Alaska cruise. We stumbled upon She-She shoes in Trounce Alley but it was closed then. We thought it fitting that we stop by on this visit. The shoes they have here are works of art. We did not buy shoes but Avril is the new owner of some really stylish polka-dot tights.
She She Shoes Victoria B.C.

We wander about town and could not help but take lots of photos of the marina. The upcoming weekend was a Canadian holiday and boats were filling the marina with color.
Marina Victoria B.C. 
We returned to Trounce Alley and lunched at The Tapa Bar. We ordered hearts of palm salad,  mixed olives,  margarita pizza, Cuban chicken sandwich and some Kettle Valley Pinot Gris. What a lot of food! We smartly carried a doggy-bag back to the hotel. The meal provided a huge lunch and an encore dinner.
The Tapa Bar Victoria B.C.

We slept great that night and boarded the Victoria Clipper back to Seattle the next day. On the way out of the harbor we spotted a Princess Cruise ship in port and strained our heads to see it off the port side. Just then Avril tugged at my sleeve and whispered "that's Ryan Gosling next row over!" I looked over and sure enough it was. I fired off a stealth photo of him. It is a lousy telephoto side shot because I did not want to invade his privacy. I have shown the photo to a number of people and some say it is not him. I have a keen sense of facial recognition, honed in earlier life experience. He is a Canadian and we are in Canada so it adds to the evidence.  If it is not him then he has a doppelganger that is making all the women on the boat giggly-squirmy.

Ryan Gosling sighting??
In Seattle we have a reservation at the Silver Cloud Stadium Hotel and cab it there. The front desk upgrades us to a suite! The room is bigger than big and overlooks the Mariners Safeco Field. We make dinner out of happy hour at Jimmy's on First located in the hotel.
Silver Cloud Hotel - Stadium Jimmy's on First

The next day we take the free hotel shuttle to the King St. Amtrak Station. After some quick drama, a car attendant who wrongly informs us that our sleeper car is broken and removed from the train, we find our room and kick back. We decided to upgrade to a roomette on our return. The roomette price is higher but includes meals. The seats turn into bunks and privacy curtains block the light so sleeping is much easier. I haven't slept in bunks since the military so it is an experience. I gave Avril the upper bunk and she may never forgive me, but we had fun anyway. She is more the nimble athlete than I.
Lunch Amtrak Coast Starlight Parlor Car
Dinner Amtrak Coast Starlight Parlor Car 

We skip breakfast the next morning and depart in Emeryville. Home again!


Zoomie said...

Good idea to upgrade to the roomette. Much more comfortable. It all looks like a feast for the eyes as well as for the tummies.

Greg said...

Zoomie- It was first class! Amazing that they can produce good sit down food on a moving train.