Saturday, July 12, 2014

Home Away

We had business in Fremont a few weekends ago. We booked a room at the Marriott Residence Inn, our choice place to  stay. We like them because you get what is equivalent to an apartment, a home away from home. We had two rooms, two giant televisions, lounging couch, kitchen, work desk, free Wi-Fi and dining table. On the grounds there is a fitness center, pool-hot tub and a barbecue. Best of all,  breakfast was included! I do love my breakfast.

Marriott Residence Inn Fremont, Ca.

I am a student of the science of maximizing an included breakfast. Being a avid cruise ship buffet veteran has honed my skills.  Let me give you a few hints.

 Check out the food and the competition. 
Walk the buffet and see what is available. Stroll  the seating area looking for a table and to see what others are eating. This can be a bit of a competitive experience, know the other players. If it is busy, secure your table and have your partner go for coffee, juice, required napkins and condiments. When  he/she returns individually go to the buffet and make selections. Do not overload the plate. Instead make return visits so you can add to your breakfast as foods are replenished.

Drop the toast.
I am a big toast fan and know that buffet toasters take forever. If you start toasting up front it will be hot and ready when you select your hot entree. The same method works for waffles. I have never  had someone steal my finished toast but I have caught someone trying to snatch my just finished waffle. Keep an eye on your waffle!

Take up space.
I learned this skill on the S.F. Muni! Stand tall and keep you arms out. This keeps marauding invaders from cutting lines. Be warned that being courteous may be a sign of weakness to some.

Leave room for dessert 
I always get my coffee in a go-cup so I can take some back to the room. Fresh fruit makes a nice dessert that can be enjoyed later as well.

A word of caution to photo bloggers: As you style and photograph your food others are watching. You may be creating food envy in those around you. They will offer to let you photograph their plates. To some it is a conquest to see how much food they can secure. Don't play that game.
Breakfast Marriott Residence Inn Fremont, Ca.

Breakfast Included Marriott Residence Inn Fremont, Ca.

This location was particularly nice because it was adjacent to a Raley's Market. We secured sandwich fixings, drinks, snacks and wine for meals later in the day. Like eating at home this substantially reduced our dining costs.
The only meal we had out was at Popeye's Chicken. I had heard rave reviews and had employees that would drive fifty miles round trip for dinners. It was located a block from the hotel so we checked it out. I had chicken strips, mashed taters and a biscuit. Loved it!
Popeye's Fried Chicken


Zoomie said...

Thanks for all the recon and tips!

Greg said...

Zoomie- We try to enjoy ourselves no matter where we are. I hope the post came off with humor.

Chilebrown said...

Only you can make a hotel breakfast buffet look palatable. I grab coffee and fruit and go back to the room.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Thanks! I use my formidable food styling skills to the max ;)

Yumble said...

Haha! Thanks for the breakfast rundown.

Jeff Riley said...

The breakfast looks amazing. I don't think I would've been able to hold myself back from that lovely looking meal. Hahaha! Anyway, your tips are pretty great. Funny as they are, they speak the truth. Hahaha! Glad you enjoyed your stay at the hotel. I hope you get to pleasure yourself more like that while working. Take care! :)

Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge