Monday, April 22, 2013

Taking it to the Street

This was a street photography weekend. We have some weddings coming up to shoot this summer, as well as some Alaska scenery to capture on our cruise. I wanted to add a back-up camera and "be prepared" for any photo op. I purchased the camera at Shutterbug Camera, a long time Sonoma County business, who has opened a new store here in Novato. The staff here is well versed in all phases of camera knowledge and the product is fairly priced. I received a invitation from them  to attend a photo walk around downtown Novato on Saturday. The walk was headed by Paul Van Allen, national rep for Nikon Camera. I was prepared for a high sales pressure presentation, but this photo walk was the polar opposite of that. Paul was energetic, humorous and a walking encyclopedia of photographic knowledge, he readily shared.  The group consisted of both beginning and advanced photographers all loving the challenge of finding photos on the street. Shutterbug had lenses and cameras you could  test so we tried an 85mm macro lens. Avril was like a kid with a new toy, she shot everything, included Paul who mugged for her camera. Here are collages of shots we took along the way.
Paul Van Allen -Nikon - Photo credit April MacIntosh
Shutterbug Camera Novato Photo Walk - April MacIntosh photos

Shutterbug Camera Novato Photo Walk- Greg MacIntosh photos

We exhausted ourselves but had a great time walking and shooting for two hours.

On Sunday we promised our friend we would take pictures of her for Facebook and business use. She told me she did not take a good photo, so I was challenged to prove her wrong. I can relate to being  reluctant about having a photo taken. As comfortable as I am taking pictures. I hate having my face in front of the camera. She is a natural beauty so I knew we would have great results.We met at a local park for the photo shoot. Avril styled the wardrobe items that our friend had brought and took candid shots of our shoot. We shot five different looks in different lighting areas. Finally at ease we produced some great pics.

Photo Shoot Candid - April MacIntosh Photo
A successful photo shoot- Greg MacIntosh Photo

Photo Painting Effect  by Greg MacIntosh


Nessa said...

I love it! You picked my 3 favorites. I love the shot that April took of you looking so professional. You made it very easy for me to feel comfortable and “yes” you won the challenge. Thank you Greg!

Greg said...

Nessa- I was my pleasure.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg, you did very well. She IS beautiful, but I totally know about being unphotogenic. Some creepy weird disease. It's real.
Bravo to you all!

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- Avril is curing me of my on camera fears. Would love to photograph you and cranky. For that matter any of my blog readers. Building a portrait portfolio one blogger at a time! :)

Zoomie said...

You did a lovely job. And I love the idea of the photo shoot around town for two hours - what a great way to learn about photography and to try out new equipment.

Greg said...

Zoomie- It was a blast! I was thinking it would be fun to get a bunch of food bloggers and do photo walk around involving food. Part of the fun is the interaction of the group.

Chilebrown said...

I would love go on a photo walk like that.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- They have all kinds of classes. This class was $29 but free if you bought a camera. I think we could wrangle our own food blogger walk around.