Friday, March 15, 2013

My Week in Sandwiches

I admit an affection for sandwiches; a  week normally does not go by without me having at least one. I've decided to share some of my sandwich conquests in a weekly section of my blog called "my week in sandwiches." Some will be of my own making and others purchased around town.

This week we start off with the "grilled" chicken six inch Subway sandwich. I was busy shopping and taking care of chores when  my tummy announced lunch time. I looked up and there was a Subway and the decision was made. The sandwich was tasty and reasonably healthy.  The best part was it was $3! I was surprised at the price, I think it was a daily special. They still made a little profit with a bottle of water at $1.90. I tipped the "sandwich artist" and left happy and full.
Subway six inch grilled chicken sub

Yesterday after dropping off the recyclables I decided I should spend some of the money on lunch. I hit my favorite local,  Creekside Bakery. They had a house-made corned beef on marble rye with slaw. While considerably higher priced at $9, this bad boy was worth every penny! All ingredients made in store means a quality product.
House-made corned beef from Creekside Bakery

Stay tuned next week for more sandwiches!


Zoomie said...

Great idea to pair corned beef with cole slaw for a spring take on an otherwise wintery sandwich. Sounds delish - I will have to try that with the leftovers from our St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Greg said...

Zoomie- It was delish! I suspect I will be making homemade corned beef sandwiches this week too. I am so used to cooking for a crowd I bought a five pound corned beef yesterday. Silly me!

Chilebrown said...

I would like to make some marbled rye bread someday.Corned beef with slaw with Chilebrown twists is our dinner tonight.

Greg said...

Chilebrown-Marble rye is quite photographic. Looking forward to your twists.