Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good To Go - Matsuyama

Lately I have been blogging about food made at home. Economically it is the best direction for us at this time,I get to control costs and the quality of the food that we eat. I can channel the savings into bigger, fun adventures that I have planned for the future. Last week I learned that a much loved deli in town had gone out of business, following on the heels of a pizza joint that we had frequented in excess of twenty years. I decided to take the rubber band off my wallet last week and support another favorite local Japanese restaurant, Matsuyama, in Novato. At dinner they have some value priced dinner combos. We both had the two item combo that comes with soup and salad. There is a long list of selections that you mix and match. I had beef teriyaki and mixed tempura; Avril had the salmon teriyaki and vegetable tempura. We got the plates to go because it was logistically convenient, but they have a great sit down restaurant. The combo plates were about $12 and provided a delicious, filling dinner with some leftovers for lunch. If you are in the neighborhood and have some money to spend, this would be a great local restaurant to support.

Matsuyama Combo Dinners
Matsuyama Restaurant 939 Front St. Novato,Ca.94945 415-209-9823


Chilebrown said...

Now you have to recreate these dishes at home.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- I can duplicate most everything but not a big fan of deep frying at home. Too much clean up after the meal.