Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Egg Toast an Internet Voyage

My brain goes on  what I call "internet voyages;" I follow a train of thought through internet search engines, images and videos. My latest voyage was about street food. In most countries, street food is cheap food cooked to feed poor people. It is often cooked in primitive conditions with what foodstuffs and fuel are available. I came across this video about egg toast by filmmaker/street-food vendor Angus Denoon. An Indian chap takes eggs and with great flair, turns out a great looking meal, with beat up cookware and a wood stove. I admire his skills and think perhaps we should hone our own cheap food tactics in case the powers that be turn the USA into a third world country. Getting by on a limited food and fuel may be in our future. Enjoy the video.


Here is my take on egg toast. The food cost for the meal of toast and egg with shallots, tomatoes and cheese is less than fifty cents.
Egg Toast


Zoomie said...

I enjoyed the video (reminded me in a way of that wonderful movie "Most Excellent Marigold Hotel") and your own creation. In the video, I loved how his movements were all economical and smooth. All cooking should be that easy and simple.

Greg said...

Zoomie- If you have time check out Angus' Jhal Muri video. It reminds me of flair bar-tending.