Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Memorable Reno Meals

A few weeks ago I blogged about our trip to Reno. Today I am playing catch up with more photos of memorable meals.

 The original Mel's Diner at the Sands Regency  offers some well executed "diner style" food. The little touches in the preparation make the difference. The side salad with iceberg lettuce comes crispy cold on a chilled plate. The bread for the sandwiches is buttered and toasted on the grill for a delicious crunch.

Mel's Diner Reno, BLT
Mel's Diner Reno: BLT with side salad
Mel's Diner  1/2 sandwich
Mel's Diner Reno:  Half sandwich with fries
We checked out the Eldorado Hotel's Pho Mein for some noodles. If you can find the place secretly tucked away on the first floor of the casino you will be rewarded with some fine noodles.
Pho Mein pho
Eldorado Pho Mein Salad
Pho Mein shrimp salad below-Above pho soup with thin sliced beef
Caution the red liquid in the small bowl is a very spicy dipping sauce for the shrimp. It is ill advised to think it is salad dressing on on the side.Yikes!

Last, but certainly not least we enjoyed Luciano's, Reno. We loved the pizza fritta appetizer special and the polenta with Gorgonzola and pine nuts so much I did not even think to  unholster  my trusty Nikon. We ravaged the food like zoo lions at feeding time. I did however capture this beautiful berry dessert before it was devoured.

Berry Berry sexy dessert. Luciano's Reno.


Chilebrown said...

That soups looks killer. We are going to Reno for the rib cookoff. We want to see Joey defend his title. Thanks for the suggestions. Also thanks for the comment of Mad Salsa Scientist. I will turn you on to one of those salsas if we hook up soon.

Zoomie said...

Nice trip, nice food - you two always get the most out of one of your vacations.

Brenda Texas Brew Salsa said...

Hey Greg...if you want some Texas Brew Salsa to create with let me me with an addy and I will send you some so you can be a "Mad Salsa Scientist" as well...thanks for the comments on Peppers N More...happy chippin' and dippin"

Greg said...

Chilebrown-If you like pho there is also a Vietnamese restaurant called Golden Flower on 5th st. Really good food too. I was thinking of hitting the Marin market Sunday but I think the wife and kids have other ideas for Dad's day.
Zoomie- We always try to have a great time. Miss Avril has been working so hard we try to maximize our off time.
Brenda- Thanks Brenda I always enjoy CB's experiments.

Nellie said...

Hey Greg!

Love the picture of the Luciano's dessert... I'm ready to dive in! Gavin and I have been working on updating the website (Take a look! I've been working night and day on it for a week!) and I would love to (with permission) use your review and photo in the new "News and Monthly Specials" Page. Let me know if that's ok with you! I will of course quote and link you!