Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor of Love

We spent the weekend cooking like crazy for the family. A lot of work but a labor of love doing something I really like to do. We made tri-tip, chicken, grilled veg and  fettucini alfredo. Avril baked bread, lemon bars and whipped up strawberry ice cream. Together we made pear chutney, thanks to a gift from cookiecrumb and cranky. Monday we took a long walk in the park and then crashed at home. In days gone by, we might have called a local pizza joint for a pie. Sadly, the joint went out of business after twenty some years. Of course, there are alternatives but twenty to thirty dollars for pizza delivery makes us sad. In response Avril made homemade pizza dough, par baked it and stowed it in the freezer. When we have no energy, we pull it out throw on some toppings and we have pizza in less time than delivery. The cost is about four dollars. Easy money!
Par baked pizza crust makes pizza in a hurry


cookiecrumb said...

Brilliant! And so beautiful.
How's the pear chutney?

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- The chutney turned out great and perfumed the house during the 3 hours of simmering. I wanted to blog about it but you know about brown food,difficult photos. I just bought the ingredients for turkey,avacado sando with pear chutney will photograph that and blog it soon.Thank you.

Chilebrown said...

I sometimes do something similar. I freeze dough but it is not parbaked. I mix the dough and freeze it before it rises. When it comes out of the freezer it will thaw and rise at the same time.

Greg said...

Chilebrown - Going to have to try that. One of my next experiments is grilled pizza for the blog.