Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nice Buns!

I told my wife, "those are some really nice buns you have!" Hey, I'm talking hamburger buns here! We were sitting round the living room playing dueling laptops and I said, "Cheeseburgers would be good for dinner tonight." She responded, "Great minds think alike, I already started to defrost the ground beef." We had all the fixings on hand except for buns. I have tried many of the burger buns available around town but am constantly disappointed. I would really love some Acme burger rolls but it is a long way to Berkeley or San Fran. April rose to the occasion and said she would make some. I am a lousy baker, so it was with great expectation I anticipated dinner. That said, I took a nap. Here is the recipe she used and below the resulting buns.
Brioche Hamburger Buns

So this would be more of a joint effort, I fired up the grill, seared the beef and added some Tillamook Sharp Cheddar to melt. On the other side of the grill, I placed my cast iron griddle and toasted the buttered buns. Burgers and Buns, oh yes!
April and Greg Burgers

I hope the picture does the burger justice. They tasted incredible. The roll was a perfect foil for the juicy burger, soaking up the juices so none of the goodness escaped.


cookiecrumb said...

They look fantastic! Your wife made the hamburger buns? How does she feel about same-sex marriage? Brava!

Zoomie said...

In addition to my awe at April's bun expertise, I am also in love with the idea of using the cast iron pan on the grill, something I would never have thought of and should have. Great post! Thanks to you both. And, yes, the burger looks amazing.

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- Yup she made them and made it look easy. You funny! ;)
Zoomie- A baker and a cook... a marriage made in heaven. Yeah using the pan on the grill works. Be very careful! Cast iron holds heat for a long time. Unless you are in witness protection and want to remove your fingerprints.Ouchie! :)

kudzu said...

Great post, beautiful buns, and photos so good I could almost feel those soft breads in my hands.

Greg said...

Kudzu - Thanks so much for your kind words.