Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sandwiches are Hot!

'Sandwiches are hot, unless they are cold!' - a sage saying by fellow food blogger cookiecrumb. Everywhere you turn "they be" making sandos. The newspapers, magazines, blogs and television are all about the sandwich lately. Zoomie wrote about bacon sandwiches that reminded me of the gut-busters I got from a greasy spoon joint in Hartford, Connecticut when I worked for G Fox & Company. Chilebrown mentioned an asparagus sandwich in his blog Black Garlic. When I came across some pencil thin asparagus, my brain said let's make a sandwich!

It really is quite a simple sandwich. I started by lightly roasting my spears, so they maintained a bit of crunch. I used a bolillo roll and grilled it in a little butter. On the bottom part of the roll I piled on the asparagus and crowned it with some thin sliced, nutty baby Swiss. A quick thirty seconds under the broiler melted the cheese so nice. While in the broiler I slathered the the top roll with a roasted garlic, Meyer lemon mayonnaise (Best Foods Mayo, Meyer lemon juice, zest and some roasted garlic olive oil). After a quick photo shoot I handed the sandwich to April and stared on making mine. I heard her exclaim, "OMG!"



cookiecrumb said...

May I be the first? (Second, after April.)
OMG! That sounds fantastic. The roll is perfect (where can I get them?). What a great creation, with your insane mayo and all.
Why are sandwiches ALL THAT all of a sudden?

Greg said...

I get the rolls at the Lucky's in Novato (33 cents ea). You can also get them in most Latino markets. The best selection I have ever seen was in Walmart in Puerto Vallarta. Sandwiches like poor boys and heroes seem to relate to poor working man's food. Gosh knows with this economy there are lots. Cheap, portable and comforting. That's the ticket.

Zoomie said...

Don't you love it when the spouse does that? It always makes my day and that sandwich looks amazing! Gonna make one tomorrow for sure!

Greg said...

Zoomie- I love when a plan comes together.