Friday, January 07, 2011

Warmer Times

It has been cold and gray around here and I find myself wishing for warmer times. I sat down at the computer and shuffled through some old pictures. On our last cruise to Mexico we asked several crew members where they visited when in Mazatlan and one for one they said Central Market (Centro Mercado). So we made the decision to shun the arranged tours and intrepidly headed off to the market. We grabbed a cab and after a short exciting/crazy ride we arrived. I successfully pried my shorts from my buttocks where they had cowered in fear. The place was hot, bustling, loud and nothing like anything around San Fran. We try to blend in when we travel and observe local culture. I'm certain we failed here because the locals had to know that the pale skinned, sweaty, camera toting citizens were certainly fresh off the ship. The market is made up of individual stalls and the owners are like barkers trying to get you to purchase their goods. I purchased a leather wallet for a great price and ventured into the food section of the market. I felt right at home because it was reminiscent of our local farmer's market. The crew members purchase meat and produce here and go upstairs to one of the family run cafes where they prepare their selections. We climbed the rugged cement steps to check out the cafes but were disappointed because they were empty. While focusing my camera I missed a step down and almost flung myself over the railing to the ground floor. We decided to it might be a sign to head back to the ship. After another exhilarating cab ride we were back at the port releasing our fears over some really tasty, strong margaritas at the bar next to the ship. Warm day and cold drinks, a great day relived.
P.S. Donations for the Life's a Picnic cruise fund will be gratefully excepted!

Centro Mercado - Mazatlan Mexico


Chilebrown said...

The check is in the mail. I have never been on a cruise, yet.

Zoomie said...

What marvelous photos of an amazing market! You brought us the sunshine of Mexico in those photos. Thanks.

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Be very very careful cruising is addictive!
Zoomie- Thank you for your kind words.