Monday, November 22, 2010

Hawaiian Comfort

The phone rang at three fifteen in the morning. April's brother needed emergency surgery and the doctor called asking for medical history, so he could be treated properly. We headed to the East Bay later that morning to find that the surgery was successful and he was in recovery. Good news for sure. We decided to stay in a nearby hotel so we could visit for a couple of days and avoid a long, lousy drive back and forth. It was well past my dinner time when we headed to the hotel. There was a strip mall along the way with several fast food joints. Our choice was L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. I had the hamburger patties plate which came with two scoops of rice and a scoop of incredible macaroni salad all doused with brown gravy. Oh my freaking gosh! It was fantastic. Talk about comfort food, it was almost as good as Valium at easing anxiety. I realized later that adding a couple of fried eggs on top would turn my dish into a Loco Moco. This plate lunch idea is not crazy at all.
I did not have my camera at hand so I decided to recreate the dish at home. I assumed that it would be easy. I got the rice down and the burger too. I scanned the internet for Hawaiian macaroni salad recipes and they all called for massive amounts of mayo. I used a quarter cup of mayo to a pound of cooked macaroni and threw in a cup of shredded carrot. April made a wonderful onion gravy. It was a close and tasty rendition. Next time I will use much more mayo. It adds a creaminess to the whole lunch plate. What is the best thing about experimenting with food? You get to eat your mistakes!


cookiecrumb said...

First of all, best wishes to the patient for a good recovery.
Then... Greg! You been to Hawaii? You gotta use da mayo, brah.
What a nice story.

Zoomie said...

Glad to hear the bruddah is doing better! Next time, come stay with us - it's not as swishy as an hotel but it's free! :-) And, what Cookiecrumb said about da mayo - you need lots!

Greg said...

Cookiecrumb- Never been there but love the foods sista. Next time I must up the mayo equation.
Zoomie- Thanks for the offer.This was a long way past the airport.I hate 880. It is flippen anarchy!The recipe called for 2 cups of mayo!

MissfixIT said...

Mmmmmm! I could go for some of that right about now. Next time you go, you really gotta try the spam musubi!

cookiecrumb said...

OK, two cups is really too much!! :P

Zoomie said...

*gulp*, two cups really is overkill, both of the macaroni and, ultimately, of any who eat that much mayo. You were wise to reduce, maybe just not quite so much.

Chilebrown said...

oh jeeze louise, mayonaisse will not be on your tombstone.

Sounds like a great meal. We eere in Santa Cruz and a had a similar meal but with spam sushi.

Oh by the by happy turkey day. I hope your stuffin is full of gravy love.

kudzu said...

Glad everything went well with your brother-in-law. Isn't it amazing what an effect just the right food can have on us when we have been through emergencies and fear? I can recall downing barbecue sandwiches and sweet tea in Georgia and a plate of skinny onion fries (with a Scotch)in the bar at Lark Creek Inn, and a giant chocolate milkshake en route to Massachusetts under similar circumstances. We just need that comfort and joy.

Greg said...

MissfixIT- No spam for me!
Cookiecrumb and Zoomie- One cup seems to be the ticket.
Chilebrown- Gravy=Love
Kudzu-I hate hospitals but was amazed at how fast they got him home. I think the comfort and joy of food is why we like to write about it.