Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brunch Confession

Serious food police click away now! I wanted to watch sports today and also do a brunch. I keep in my pantry and freezer some items that can be thrown together easily and cheaply. The foodist side of me is embarrassed that I did not mill the grain for the waffles and make my own sausage. But the social side of me was happy that I fed a group of people a great brunch and was still able to enjoy company.
The photo on the left represents the result of me using Trader Joe's pancake and waffle mix and Jimmy Dean precooked sausage links. That's it, I admit it! In the time it took to get the waffle iron hot, I warmed the links and breakfast was
done. I got compliments, too! Today it seems everyone has to have the most unique and esoteric ingredients just to make a darn meal. I can't find the video now but Chef Roy Choi of LA's Kogi Truck said in a interview "I don't need products picked by leprechauns in nun outfits." Me too! I'll save the milling and sausage making for another day. Today it is great tasting food and good company done the easy way.


Chilebrown said...

Did you at least wear a nun outfit while cooking breakfast?

Greg said...

Chilebrown- Saving that outfit for Halloween!

Zoomie said...

We all do that, you know. We just don't admit it. Good on ya for bravery - and waffles!

Greg said...

Zoomie- honesty is the best policy;)