Monday, August 30, 2010

Day Tripper

The Travel Channel has been using the Beatles' song Day Tripper in their ads and I can't help but think it helped motivate us over the weekend. We love to travel and stay overnight but our current budget constrains us a bit. I've been checking out some Healdsburg Hotels online and since we were going past there to have lunch with family in Cloverdale, it all came together for a photo shoot visit. Hotels by nature are very hospitable and it is perfectly OK to visit and patronize their restaurants and bars without staying in the hotel. I know that statement sounds silly but when I worked at hotel fancy, a lot of visitors seemed timid about checking out the place. Go for it!

We started our photo shoot at the Saturday Healdsburg Farmers Market. There are always some fun activities going on there. On this visit Michele Anna Jordan local chef, author, teacher and media personality was taping her show, Mouthful, for KRCB Public Radio 91 FM. I was fortunate enough to take classes taught by Ms. Jordan at Santa Rosa Junior College. She is an expert on wine country food and wine happenings.


Her guests on the show were Scott Beattie (master mixologist, Spoonbar), Guy Davis (Davis Family Vineyards) and Lance Winters (St.George Spirits). The program already aired on Sunday but should show up in the archives soon and I will link to it. After a quick tour of the market, we headed over to Hotel Healdsburg and Dry Creek Kitchen.
Dry Creek Kitchen Patio

Patio at Dry Creek Kitchen

Hotel Healdsburg

Hotel Healdsburg Interior

What a beauty!

We then went over to check out the new kid in town the H2 Hotel and Spoonbar. Both hotels were designed by the same architect but have unique personalities. Which would I like better? That's like picking your favorite child.

H2 Hotel Spoonbar
Spoonbar restaurant
Be a day tripper. If you got the money make it a runaway weekend.


Zoomie said...

Seems like a great day out. And thanks for the tip about hotel dining rooms - I'm one of those who hesitated.

cookiecrumb said...

I had a special snack once, and then a dinner later, with Michele. She is beyond awesome.

Greg said...

Zoomie- dress nice and pretend you own the place ;)
Cookiecrumb - The SRJC classes with her were great. Her voice is so sexy I'm surprised she doesn't do more commercial work.

termpaper said...
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