Thursday, May 13, 2010

BBQ in Marin

Roadside BBQ

Marin County does not seem friendly to barbecue restaurants while in the east bay barbecue joints stay open for years. Here in Marin, they open and they close. I love to eat and make barbecue and my family begs me to make ribs. Low heat for long periods of time is the correct way to make it which means I must babysit the smoker for a good part of the day to produce the desired results. My body aches from squatting down in front of my R2D2 looking smoker to stoke the fire, so I don't do it much lately.
That being said, I was heartened by the opening of Roadside BBQ in the newly remodeled Northgate Mall. We checked the place out on a Friday, a couple of weeks after they opened. My wife ordered us a "Q for 2" platter at the counter while I homesteaded a table. The place was smoking busy, pun intended! The food arrived in what seem like an instant. Lo and behold, on the uniform shirt it said "low and slow." They got it right; the food was outstanding! Hey Marin, let's support this place. We need some great Que in the neighborhood!
Q for 2 platter


meathenge said...

Oh, yeah, you just need a new smoker to make it easier on your life is all. I totally agree. Is that a water smoker?

xo, Biggles

Zoomie said...

Gonna get over there and try it - I love barbecue! Thanks for the tip! BTW, love your profile photo!

Greg said...

Rev.B- yes it is a water smoker and not ergonomic at all.Makes good ribs though.
Zoomie- Check it out. Thanks my lovely bride took the photo.She made me smile when she said "don't do that with your face"

cookiecrumb said...

Q for Two? That would feed me for two weeks.
Not complaining. Cranky is almost un-cranky that the place opened. I'll tell him you liked it.

Greg said...

cookiecrumb- we took home a huge doggie bag.