Monday, April 05, 2010

Rocking Easter with Peeps

Sometimes it is difficult to explain where an idea for a blog comes from. This one begins with April's love of Peeps. These seasonal candies can have the same effect as bringing home a bunch of flowers. Happy, happy, joy, joy is the desired effect. I was reading the Serious Eats Blog and came across a recipe for Peep sushi. I knew right away that April would have to make these tasty little treats. She took it to a higher level by using clarified butter to make her own Rice Krispy Treats.

We carried the treats to an Easter get together where a couple of my kids and friends played some sugar fueled Rock Band. April only needed a pair of Go-go boots!

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Zoomie said...

Oh, heavens! What next? I love Peeps, too, but my favorite are the hardest to find, the simple white bunnies.