Friday, April 16, 2010

New Dog in Town

For many years there was a legendary hot dog joint on 4th Street in San Rafael, Ca. called Royal Frank. With much sadness it closed, some time back, when owner Calvin Wong retired. It was with great anticipation I checked out a new hot dog joint on 4th Street called Royal Franks.

I arrived just before noon on Monday and was surprised to be the only customer. This economy is the worst. I hope they get busier because this place is tasty. I was by myself and only tasted one item but the menu looks wonderful and the place is clean as whistle. This place has a much bigger menu than the original joint including subs and salads. I ordered the Chicago Style Dog and it arrived quickly and hot. I noticed it did not have neon green relish nor sport peppers as mentioned on the signage. No worries about that because it was great hot dog as it was. Great food and reasonable prices. Welcome to the new dog in town!

Chicago Style

1109 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901


cookiecrumb said...

Whoo! That's great news. Hope they get their fixin's straightened out, because I love a Chicago dog. (Sloppy as hell to eat, though.)

Chilebrown said...

That gives me a blast from the past. "Top Dog" Berkeley Ca. Sausage,bun,toppings what more do you need.?

Anonymous said...

But do they have the Lopchong?

melviticus said...

Bockwurst? Sauerkraut? Herman's Potato Salad? I think not!

Greg said...

CC- Here's hoping.
CB- Got to check out Top Dog.
Anon and melviticus- Alas some time you can never go home.