Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice Cream n cake

Just before last week's Superbowl Baskin-Robbins played the "ice cream and cake" commercial and it has been ringing in my silly brain since. Valentine's day is this weekend and I am always looking for novel ways to celebrate that are fun and playful. I decided that a Valentine's ice cream cake would be perfectly fun. I marched over to the local franchise and sure enough they had frozen ice cream cakes. I asked the nice young lady behind the counter where were the cakes with the plastic figurines on them? I was particularly interested in the dinosaur. She looked at me like I had just arrived from Mars. It seems the commercial is a "serving suggestion;" they do not have the toys on top. I picked a white iced cake with red roses on top. She offered to pipe a greeting on top so I said "Happy Valentines Day".

How was it you ask? As Randy, a judge on American Idol, says. "its Aw'right".
Happy Valentines Day!


Zoomie said...

I would have wanted the toys, too.

cookiecrumb said...

Very, uh, sweet!
Back when I was in college, a group of pals threw me a birthday party and bought a B-R cake. The inscription said "Happy Debby." I liked that.

Greg said...

Zoomie- it seemed sad without the toys on top. I am thinking about opening an online cake topper toy store.
Cookiecrumb- Let's make a new Monday holiday. Happy Debby day.Beats the heck out of President's day.