Saturday, June 27, 2009

San Francisco Soup Company

We were hanging out in the mall checking out the food court. Plans were made for lunch later so this was supposed to be an exploratory mission. Both of us had skipped breakfast and lunch was a couple hours away, so we did decide on a little something to nosh. We watched as a worker at the San Francisco Soup Company struggled with the sign board that lists the soups available that day. Just when it looked like the sign was winning the worker attached a couple of rubber bands to secure the last two selections. The list is long and includes both hot and cold soups. They also offer fresh salads and sandwiches. We decided to split a large bowl of "Grandma Mary's Chicken Noodle Soup." I really wasn't expecting much but to my surprise the soup was wonderful. It's chock full of large chicken pieces, vegetables and comforting broth. Noodles were added to the bowl and the the soup ladled over. This kept the broth nice and clear. At under seven dollars for a large, filling bowl this is definitely a bargain. As is turns out there are many locations all over town. Soups on!
Can I meet this Grandma Mary?

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Zoomie said...

Oooo, even some in the East Bay for us and I'll look for the airport location next time we fly - a nice bowl of soup would be great flying food, unlike the plastic crap they serve on airplanes these days.