Thursday, June 11, 2009

Modern Day Lemonade Stand

On the way home from the day job, sign-waving kids caught my eye. What was it - a protest? Support the cause of the day? Nope just a couple of entrepreneurial kids with the twenty first century updated version of a lemonade stand. In this version in addition to lemonade they have fresh fruit. I inquire of the vendor " do you guys grow the fruit?" He patiently explains that the fruit in grown in the San Joaquin Valley and is organic. Sold American! Local ,organic and putting dollars in the hands of future of our state. I have to love the optimism and promise of youth.


cookiecrumb said...

I can't believe the stone fruit is coming in already! (Or is it just because it's raining today and I can't believe it's June?)
Party on. Or, if you meditate, Party om.

Zoomie said...

Beautiful kids, beautiful fruit, what more could you want?

Greg said...

cookiecrumb and Zoomie thanks for coming by.