Saturday, January 24, 2009

Runaway Weekend/Observe and Report

This runaway weekend was conceived and implemented by my oldest daughter Regina. She plugged into Hotwire and found us a three star rated hotel in downtown Sacramento for $59 a night. The price included free parking, full breakfast and WiFi Internet access. It was Friday and three of us were off to the Holiday Inn Express. Then there was traffic to the tenth power! We endured and arrived, well after my early bedtime, tired and very hungry. We ended up at Zen Sushi and discovered I had forgotten my camera. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a fine meal and sake and now it was time for sleep. Across from the hotel Club Avalon was just starting to get busy with the big amp bass flowing into the street. A covey of twenty something women were crossing the street headed for the party. Their outfits consisted mostly of extremely high heels and a few strategically placed pieces of fabric covering not much of anything. All I could think was "I hope the heater is turned up in there!" Good night and happy party!

April and I were up early, enjoyed our free breakfast and rolled onto the streets. Downtown Sacramento is flat and easily navigated. Within a few blocks there are several event venues and this morning the roar of Harley Davidsons filled the air as they rallied around the convention center making for great people watching.
In great contrast down the block very young spirit squads practiced their routines on the lawn prior to competition. Smiling and clapping they cheered, flipped and kicked.
We strolled back to the hotel and passed the governor's mansion state park and looked for a tour but the only people there were a group of Boy Scouts queued up waiting for who knows what.

Sandra Dee's

It was time to plan for lunch. It was decided we would check out Sandra Dee's Barbecue we had passed on our morning walk.
Talk about a find! I'm not going to say this place has loads of atmosphere and fancy because it doesn't. What it does have is great food and huge portions. It is a family run place and I certainly would be happy to part of the family. The menu is large and it would take numerous visits to check it all out. The three of us did the best we could in one visit.
Links with baked beans, mac and cheese and cornbread
Tri tip with mac and seriously wonderful greens!
hamburger smothered in BBQ sauce

All this food with two glasses of wine, a soda and four wine margaritas for $57 dollars before tax and tip. Next time we want to try the chicken and waffles. Plenty of leftovers went back to the hotel where I took a two hour food coma nap. Living for the weekend!


cookiecrumb said...

Sounds like you took a margarita coma nap. Fun!
I envy your spontaneous adventures.
And that food looks fine.

Zoomie said...

Love the mural of famous African Americans! Food for the eyes as well as the tummy.

Linda said...

Mmmm mac n cheez.

flatbedbill said...

Greg: You have a most excellent and fun Blog here. I'll be visiting it regularly. It's fun the way you have it set up, and you and your bride are good photographers! Bill