Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lunch exploration

We were hungry and could not agree on what we wanted to eat. A compromise was reached and we popped into a hideaway restaurant we had not been to in a long time, Mama Mia. It looked the same but the name had changed to Perugina. The old Italian/Pizza menu was still available but the family that purchased the place had decided to add a menu offering dishes from their homeland Peru.
It was time for a little exploration. At the suggestion of the waiter I tried Inca Kola, a popular Peruvian soft drink. The neon color was startling at first but the taste was similar to creme soda and very refreshing.
For my entree I choose Lomo Saltado because it came with rice and fries. I love a double starch hit at lunch. The menu description did not do justice to this stir fry of seasoned beef, tomatoes and onions. When I was a teen we would get french fries with gravy at the drive inn. This dish brought back memories as the pan gravy coated the fries and created vehicle for sopping up all the juices. The fries become prized possessions and I had to fend off my wife's fast fork.
My wife chose Pollo Asado, a roasted half chicken with salad and fried plantains. I traded fries for bites of the fantastic plantains, a fair exchange.
The bill for two including drinks was under $22 with plenty leftover for the doggie bag. As I mentioned, the pizza is still available and they have killer Monday through Friday lunch deal of a 12 inch two topping pizza and a small soda for $5 bucks.
1553 Novato Blvd, suite J
Novato, Ca. 94947


Zoomie said...

Looks interesting and we have friends in Novato we haven't seen in a while...I'll have to try it!

Rev. Biggles said...

I would go just to have that green drink. MMmMmmm, green.


priyakumarNITB said...

hey i randomly happened to see your blog "Life is a Picnic".Great job done..And its a lovely idea to narrate everyday of a trip in the form of blogs.good job.

LEF1959 said...

I live here in Novato, recently went here for lunch with a friend and had an excellent meal and dessert...

Chicken Pizza with a Pesto type sauce and cake with fresh berries...Very Good !!!